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Dutch Liquorice


Taste: 0

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

November 1 2006

Let me start this review by saying that I'm not a big fan of liquorice. However, when I first started Candy Critic I would have told you I absolutely hate liquorice. So I'm either building a taste for it, or I've been lucky enough to try some liquorice that's better than some. So why am I doing this review? I've been asked by several people why it isn't here, and if enough people ask I figure I might as well do it, even if I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like it.

Wow, what a surprise. Yuck. If you love that... well… that repulsive, super-strong liquorice flavour then this is the treat for you. If you crave black jellybeans and figure they don't offer you enough, then dig in. Me, on the other hand, I think I'm going to go rinse my mouth out.

I'm back, and I still can't get this flavour out of my mouth. I rinsed a lot, too. This is truly a liquorice lover’s dream. It’s that type of liquorice that looks black on the outside but has a tint of brown in it, too. I find this to be the super-strongest, and for my taste, the worst. I think my taste for liquorice is still in its infancy, because this stuff is just too much for me. Maybe in a few more years I'll be OK, but for now I think I'll stick to more subtle flavours.