November 2021





E. Wedel "Mleczna Truskawkowa"

E. Wedel

There are many ways that candy companies can produce a strawberry cream candy bar, but this is by far the best. It’s not that this bar is perfect, but it is one of the better examples of blending fruit and cream into a chocolate bar. Other attempts that haven’t worked are when you decide to just use white chocolate and give it a fruit flavour. I’ve also had pretty mixed feelings when candy companies use dried fruit in chocolate. It seems like making a fruit cream chocolate bar should be simple, but apparently it’s not.

I don’t know how long the E. Wedel “Mleczna Truskowkowa” bar has been around since I’m not from Poland, but I feel like it’s been a while. While it feels old fashion in its design, it’s actually not that common a treat to find on store shelves. Simply taking nice milk chocolate and filling the bottom with cream, and then filling each square with a nice strawberry jam is nothing that impressive from a technological or trend perspective, but it creates a bar that really works. The cream on the bottom blends well with the milk chocolate and the strawberry, the strawberry jam is really thick and there is no doubt that when you bite into this bar that you’re eating something strawberry. The chocolate holds it all together both physically and conceptually.

I think if I was to find fault in this bar it comes in two places. First of all the squares are really spaced apart. I don’t know why the decided to leave what felt like a huge gap between each strawberry filled square, but they did. The other problem I found is with the strawberry jam. While I’m sure it contains real strawberries, it still felt a little fake. I feel like it was almost a gummy with strawberry blended in. If they made the filling a little loser and maybe added strawberry seeds, it might have come across as more authentic.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a delight to eat, and even the slightly strange strawberry filling was really good. I wouldn’t say that this bar was revolutionary, but it is unique.