Gummy Earth Worms

Gummies of All Shapes

I've never actually had this happen before... Ok maybe it didn't happen really, I mean maybe it wasn't me but... well something happened. Man, I can really not complete a sentence today can I?

What happened, in my delusional state, was this. A couple of years ago I wrote a little article about how cool it would be if people made gummy candy that actually looks realistic. I was particularly referring to Gummy worms. I never understood why they made them bright colours when the opportunity to make them realistic was there. Sure, it's kind of gross, but you really can't go to the store for a bag of gummy worms and not think that's a little gross, right?

So, it would appear that my request has been answered. I'm pretty happy with the results as well. Well I'm happy about the way they look, I'm ok with the flavour but the look is great! When you pull them out of the bag they're all greasy and pretty cool looking. With a bit of crumbled cookie mixed in they'd be totally unappetising, and I mean this in the good way.

The flavour was the only part that fell a little short. I'm not sure what flavour they where supposed to be but all I could taste was a faint apple. I'd have preferred something a little more cherry or grape. Even better would be if they filled them up with a little cherry goo.