November 2023





Eclairs "Hazelnut"


The thing that interested me about this eclair candy is the fact that it was hazelnut flavoured. Most eclair candies are either chocolate or cream flavoured, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hazelnut flavoured eclair candy before. Just so we’re clear, an eclair candy is very different than a baked eclair. The baked eclair is a pastry filled with cream and often covered with some kind of chocolate. An eclair candy is often some kind of chewy caramel candy filled with chocolate or cream.

After I bought this candy I was a little worried that the hazelnut flavour wouldn’t be that strong. I figured that they likely just added some hazelnut to the traditional chocolate centre and it wouldn’t really come through. Caramel and chocolate are pretty powerful flavours, so adding a bit of hazelnut could be hidden if the flavours aren’t balanced properly. Strangely, the opposite actually happened in this case. I would say that the main flavour I could identify was hazelnut. Unfortunately the chocolate and the caramel flavour wasn’t that strong, or that good.

I felt like there was something wrong with both the caramel and chocolate flavour, it almost seemed like they were weak and a little bit off. The texture of the candy was perfect, so I don’t think the candy was expired. I would imagine that the caramel texture would be off as well. I’m wondering if there’s something else going on here that’s ruining the caramel and chocolate flavour, maybe a manufacturing issue or even a quality of ingredients issue. Strange how both of those aspects were not great, but the hazelnut wasn’t too bad at all.

In general I wasn’t a big fan of this candy. The only reason I’d be interested in tasting it again is if there was word that they improved the recipe a bit.