Edible Easter Grass


So basically, the idea here is to make something that kids like that is normally not edible, edible. The thing is I really liked toy trains as a kid, I played with them, built sceneries, tooled around, I pretty much thought model trains where the bee’s knees, but I never wanted to eat one. I'm not sure if the demand for children to eat the crazy Easter grass is that high. I'm sure we'll find out next year if they're popular or even if it's still on the shelves.

Flavour wise it's pretty lacking. I believe this particular bag is supposed to be apple flavoured but it took a pretty big mouthful and a little contemplation to get that out. For the most part the flavour could be better compared to Styrofoam than anything candy related. The Styrofoam feeling could be because of its texture more than the flavour.

The texture experience goes as follows: First it's kind of hard and you doubt that it's edible. Then you chew it a little and it gets kind of soft. Finally, it kind of melts away. The flavour part is only evident at all in the melt away phase of the treat.

I'm still not convinced that people are requesting to eat Easter Grass, but what do I know.