Eesti Vabariik 100


It’s a milk chocolate bar, that’s it. I’m not completely sure what the 100 means on this package, but I think it’s either an anniversary for Estonia (where I got this bar) or an anniversary for the candy company Kaleo. Maybe if this anniversary was important to you this bar would mean something, but to the casual candy eater this bar is kind of boring. The package is well designed, but what’s inside is just so plain.

What is inside is a small milk chocolate bar divided into four segments with the word “Kaleo” stamped into each segment. The chocolate tastes fine, but it’s nothing particularly special. I would say that quality wise it ranks on the high end of average. The texture is smooth enough, and it melts fairly well in your mouth. It’s a fine chocolate bar, but it’s nothing that special.

As a candy reviewer I have a really hard time reviewing bars like this. There just nothing that interesting, but also not that bad about this bar. So, I can’t complain about this bar, but there’s really nothing to rave about either. It makes writing reviews really hard, and often leads to tangents about how hard it is to write reviews.