Eggnog Almonds


Hmmmm, that's pretty much what I have to say about the idea, and that's pretty much what I had to say when I caught sight of these. Eggnog really isn't a flavour that makes too many appearances in the candy world. In fact, other than fine chocolates it's never really around much at all. I'm not sure how well it goes with almonds, or why one would choose to mix almonds and eggnog, but hey I don't invent candies I just eat them.

I think this treat may have an advantage, or maybe it's a disadvantage, but I don't happen to have a glass of eggnog around to compare. First of all, I'm not sure why they're covered in powdered sugar. Is this come kind of scheme to make them look like fine chocolates? It kind of works if it is. I like icing sugar as much as the next guy and I do find that it classes things up a bit (don’t believe me, ice a cake then cover another cake in icing sugar). After biting into one of these Eggnog Almonds I realise that these are just chocolate covered almonds, covered in some kind of white chocolate, and flavoured with some kind of spice. Maybe nutmeg? Is that what represents eggnog, nutmeg?

I say if that's all these are, then why not go all out and sell them all year as Nutmeg flavoured sugar coated chocolate covered almonds... Actually that doesn't roll of the tong that well. Maybe eggnog was the right choice.