E - North America - Pieces



Taste: 2

Texture: 2.5

Novelty: 5

All scores out of 5

October 14 2007

Now I have to say I'm getting a little bored/sick and tired of all these millions of different little tined mint varieties coming out. You want to know why? Well for the most part it's the same thing, cheap mints in a mildly amusing tin. As soon as you're through the mints you have nothing but a little tin, sure if you're industrious you might find something to do with the tin when you're done, but me, I just end up throwing it out when it collapses in my pocket because I sat on it while riding my bike. So what does this little rant have to do with this candy?

Only a little. The cool thing about these mints is that they're not just regular mints in a cool box, these mints are a little cleverer. They're loaded with insults very subtlety engraved on each mints. I had a good time giving my friends little insults and having them laugh it off. It was very cathartic.

The mints themselves as a candy where pretty average. Not too sweet but the breath freshening didn't last as long as the pleasure of throwing someone a silly insult. It's a cute little gag gift and fun for sure, it's not something that will save you from a really garlic filled dinner though.