Energade Sports Jellies

Tiger Brands

I'm not sure if this is going to be a fair review. According to the back of the package you're supposed to keep these gummies at room temperature. I bought these gummies at the beginning of a road trip through the warm dry months in southern Africa. They've been in a car for a couple of days in plus thirty degree temperatures. I'm not sure how this might change these gummies, so keep that in mind when you read this.

The first thing I noticed about these gummies is that they're very soft. Again, that could be because of the warm weather, but I'm hoping that it's not. The soft texture melts in your mouth and doesn't hurt your jaw in the slightest. The flavours are pretty close to the standard sports drink flavours (think Gatorade), but that's pretty easy to replicate since most sports drinks just taste like really fake fruit. The good news is that each colour has a very unique flavour, much like they're drink counterpart. The shapes could be a little more detailed, but they look sports bottle enough.

Sitting here in the hot African sun these gummy sports drinks offered me the taste and the energy of a real sports drink. The one thing that is missing is probably the only thing I need right now, and that's the thirst quenching.