Extinguisher "Sour Fruit Candy"

American Licorice Company

Candy and fine dinning are the only foods that come with instructions on how to eat them. It's not the case with every kind of candy, or fine dinning, but there are a certain variety of candy that are so much fun to eat because you have to follow the rules. With these chewy treats the rules are simple, start with the least sour and build yourself up to the sourest. If you reach your utmost extreme you can take down a blue one and it'll cool down the sour a bit. So, I did what I was told and here's my reaction:

First of all, the not so sour watermelon has one great advantage to it, it tastes nothing like watermelon at all. I'm glad because for the most part I find watermelon candy to be kind of gross. The sour level was pretty low and tangy would be the perfect way to describe it. The second one also satisfied in the flavour department, best of all it also actually tasted like strawberry. The sour level on this one was a heck of a lot stronger than the first. Sour would be a great way to describe it.

So far, I'd been able to handle all of the sours but I was worried, the difference between the watermelon and strawberry was pretty intense, so if the next candy was appropriately more intense, I might have to reach for an extinguishing berry. Fortunately thought the apple was not really much sourer than the strawberry. I say fortunately but really, I was kind of disappointed. I was so hoping that it would blow my socks off. Instead it was fairly sour and kind of cruddy for an apple flavour.

Just for fun I had a blue extinguisher too and it was kind of gross. It was really perfumy and didn't taste very berry like at all.