I'm told that these Fantales are a pretty popular snack in Australia and people just go nuts over these things. The problem I have with unfamiliar snacks from far off places is sometimes I need a little description on how to eat them. I think it’s a cultural thing more than anything else, I mean how many people would know to put their Charleston Chew in the freezer, or the correct way to eat a Mackintosh Toffee? Some treats just don't seem that great but a whole area of the world sings their praises, but that could be because you’re not eating it right. You have to know that to truly enjoy it you have to freeze it, or smash it, or warm it up before you eat it. Sure, sometimes there are instructions but often not. Even when I do get instructions, sometimes they're not in English.

So, without any instructions, and no help from any friends, I ate a few Fantales. They where ok, but the caramel was super sticky and really hard on the jaw. Then one night while watching Gilligan's Island I decided that I'd savour one of these and gave it a suck.

It was fantastic! The caramel melted in my mouth just right and the flavour was spectacular. If I had of known that earlier that you are supposed to slowly suck on these rather than chew them quickly this bag would have lasted me a whole lot longer. The treats would have been much tastier, and I would have been a whole lot happier.