Favourite Flavours "Ube"

Kowloon Dairy

When I bought this ice cream cone, I couldn't remember what ube was. My best guess was purple sweet potato, and I was right. Most North Americans don't associate sweet potatoes with dessert, except for the fact that one of the most common ways to eat sweet potatoes in North America is covered in sugar and/or marshmallows. In Asia the sweet potato is more often associated with desserts and snacks, and you find it in all kinds of treats including cookies, cakes, and ice cream. It really does work very well as a sweet flavour.

Having said that I'm not going to give this treat a particular high review. This isn't because I found the sweet potato in this ice cream to be weird or off-putting, in fact the opposite. This ice cream needed more sweet potato. The chocolate topping pretty much dominated the top of this cone, and the sugar cone dominated the bottom. The sweet potato flavour was only a slight hint while eating it, with a slightly stronger after taste. The ice cream was pretty much just sweet flavored and purple, there wasn't much of anything ube about it.

It's too bad that this treat didn't amp up the sweet potato flavour, because it would have made for a really unique ice cream cone. As it stands, I slightly regret not getting the cookies and cream cone that Allison got.