Fazer "Blue"


There are several chocolate companies in the world that manufacture a simple bar, or pieces, of pure milk chocolate. This is not something revolutionary by any standard, in fact it's probably the oldest form of chocolate candy ever made. It's not a clever concept, but don't get me wrong, it's not simple by any stretch of the imagination. While many companies all over the world manufacture milk chocolate, very few make it well.

Fazer is one of the companies that makes milk chocolate very well. I would easily put this up in the ranks with Cadbury, Cote D'Or, and Ghirardelli. Making fine milk chocolate, with nothing else to hide the flavour and texture is a difficult process to master. In the cases of Fazer Blue, as well as the brands I mentioned earlier, it's made more difficult because they mass produce these candies. The texture and flavour have to be just right because there's no hiding anything in nuts or caramel. It also has to be able to be shipped all over the country or in some cases the world.

Fazer Blue is one of the better milk chocolates available, the problem, it's not as widely available as it should be. It’s generally only found in Europe, and mostly in the Nordic countries. It's a shame that more candy fans can't taste test this chocolate, it's pretty much one of the better bites of milk chocolate you'll find on the market today.