Karl Fazer "Blueberry Truffle"


This chocolate treat has a fault, but it’s surrounded by some of the best chocolate one can buy. That fact makes it really hard to write a review when the quality of the ingredients is very high, however the concept has a fairly fatal flaw. I guess you could say that I was happy to eat these chocolates, but I was also a little disappointed when I finished them. The flaw is a simple one, and one that could be fixed easily, and that’s the blueberry. More to the point, it’s the lack of blueberry found in this chocolate. In the middle of each square are small bits of what I assume are dried blueberries. The flavour of these bits is kind of weak, and the amount of these little bits is very little. This basically means that each square doesn’t really taste of blueberry, but there’s more of a very slight blueberry hint in the aftertaste.

The problem of this chocolate treat is actually something that I really like. I’ve mentioned before on this site that I believe Fazer to make some of the best mass-produced chocolate in the world. Each time I bite into a Fazer bar I keep thinking that I’ve probably over hyped how good the chocolate is in my head, but each time I eat this chocolate I’m reminded that I haven’t over hyped it at all, it’s just that good. So, the problem with this bar is that that chocolate completely overpowers the blueberry, but the chocolate is really good so I’m still happy to eat one of these.

I think the obvious fix is to add more blueberry. I don’t think it would be a good idea to use a blueberry flavour on the chocolate, but more dried pieces of blueberry would certainly be nice. They could also go another direction and try to add blueberry jam instead. I just feel like the high-quality chocolate that Fazer uses would work very well with blueberry, you just need a lot more of it to balance out with the wonderful chocolate flavour.