Fazer "Peppermint Crisps"


I was pretty confident about one aspect of this treat. I was pretty sure that it was going to taste pretty good. Fazer chocolate is one of my favorite chocolates in the world, they rarely disappoint, and the chocolate is always smooth and creamy. I also really enjoy the combination of peppermint and chocolate; this is one of those combinations that's really hard to mess up. You can go heavy or light on the peppermint flavour, and most of the time it still works pretty well. So, I knew that I was going to have a nice peppermint piece of fine chocolate, does that mean there was no mystery?

There was one part of this treat that could have failed, the texture. Peppermint generally comes two ways in a bar, it's either just a peppermint flavour in the chocolate, or there are pieces of peppermint mixed in. In this case it's peppermint pieces, hence the "crisps" in the name. When you add real pieces of peppermint into chocolate you can really mess up the smoothness of the chocolate by making the pieces too big. Fortunately, Fazer didn't mess this up at all, in fact, it was one of the most pleasant peppermint textures I've ever had in chocolate. It was almost ground into a powder, but still big enough to give you slight little pops when you bit into them. It wasn't gritty, but instead it was like adding Pop Rocks to chocolate, it just had a slight, pleasant crunch.

Once again, the folks at Fazer have done well, not just with their chocolate, but also with what they put into it.