Karl Fazer Travel "Taste Of London"


If you've read any Fazer product review on this site in the past, then you'll know that I love this brand. I've even gone so far as to say that Fazer chocolate could easily hold its ground to any mass produced chocolate company in the world (including brands like Cadbury and Ghirardelli). In general, I'm never disappointed with any Fazer products, until this bar.

This is not to say that I didn't enjoy eating this bar, the chocolate was as usual very tasty. The problem was with everything else. If you look at the package, it's a crazy jumble of words where you can't tell what's the name of the treat and what's a description. Design wise the package is a total mess, and the candy inside follows suit. The description tells me that I should be enjoying some toffee, cookies, with a salty kick. What you get instead is gritty chocolate. I'm sure there's cookies, toffee and salt in this bar, but the proportions are so off that you can't taste any of them. It's too bad too because I think the combination would have worked really well.

This bar was not gross, it tasted like fine Fazer chocolate, it was however very disappointing. There didn't seem to be any care about the secondary flavours at all. I think a salty toffee with cookie bits could have been a great bar, but this bar failed to deliver any of that. It's just a chocolate bar with some kind of small gritty bits mixed in, nothing else.