April 2024










Feastables "Milk Chocolate"


If you want to talk about trendy candy, than there’s no better example right now than Feastables. These are the creation of a famous YouTuber named Mr Beast. For anyone over 20, he’s a YouTube creator who’s amassed more regular viewers than many of the most popular TV shows, maybe ever. Each week Mr Beast and his team of friends create videos that mystify older generations and entertain younger folks. The thing about this young man is he’s not afraid to spread his wings a bit, and one of his side projects is a candy line called Feastables. The focus of Feastables is the chocolate bars (although they’ve also got into gummies as well) and the claim is that these are the best tasting chocolate bars in the world.

Well Mr Beast, I don’t totally disagree, but I might narrow the scope a bit. These might be one, if not the best mass produced chocolate bars in the United States. I’ll be honest, it’s a pretty low bar since most American mass produced chocolate isn’t great. I would even go so far as to say that Feastables might be in my top 10 mass produced chocolate bars in the world. Unfortunately there are also brands like Milka, Fazer and Cadbury to contend with, and I’m not sure that Feastables have crossed that barrier. I can say that this is really nice chocolate, and it’s really worth trying, but I’m not sure I can back up the claim that it’s the best chocolate in the world. If we’re to include small batch producers it’s most certainly not the best.

There are a few things that this bar does that makes me really happy. First of all it’s a super trendy treat right now, and it delivers. It’s not just popular because a very popular person endorses it, it’s chocolate worth tasting. I also like the fact that this might bring American chocolate into the party when it comes to good quality mass produced milk chocolate. While it’s not the best in the world, it’s certainly is pretty good.

I’d be really curious to find out who/how this famous YouTube celebrity managed to source and design such a good chocolate bar. This kind of chocolate making requires some skill, and he’s either a pretty great chocolatier, or he’s decided that it’s worth investing in experts to make a better bar.