May 2024






Feastables "Peanut Butter"


When it comes to just milk chocolate, Feastables rank pretty high in the United States and also pretty high in the world. One could argue that it’s not really a big hurdle to be one of the better producers of milk chocolate in the United States, since the competition isn’t that stiff. I prefer to see it as a step forward for large American candy makers. With all the great treats in the United States, why can’t they have good quality chocolate too. This particular peanut butter bar, while still maintaining the good quality of the classic Feastables bar contends with another American classic, the peanut butter cup. While I will stand by my claim that Feastables milk chocolate is pretty great, I think their peanut butter is kind of average.

The ingredient list of their peanut butter is very simple, and could work, but there are a few things I don’t like about how it’s processed. The biggest problem is that it feels over processed. It’s extremely smooth peanut butter, almost to the point where texture wise very similar to the chocolate. Some people may like a really smooth peanut butter but I prefer the fillings of my bars to provide some kind of contrast. In the case of peanut butter it’s nice if it’s a little thicker with even the slightest amount of crunch. It doesn’t have to have chunks of peanuts or anything, but this is just too smooth for my liking. I also found that the peanut butter was a little too sweet. As with the texture, it’s nice when a peanut butter filling can be a little less sweet than the chocolate as well.

I am nitpicking a bit, this was a fine bar and I’d recommend anyone who likes milk chocolate to give it a try. I’d probably suggest getting the regular Feastables milk chocolate bar instead, and dipping it in your favourite peanut butter over this particular bar, but in a pinch this bar is fine.