Ferrero Rocher


Nutella is pretty much the marker for witch all chocolate hazelnut spreads are measured. Few people would say that any spread exceeds it, and to many it's the first hazelnut spread they've ever tried. What Nutella is to chocolate hazelnut spreads; the Ferrero Rocher is to chocolate hazelnut cream filled chocolates. It's probably the most famous of all chocolate hazelnut cream filled chocolates, and for many people it's their first experience with this awesome chocolate hazelnut filling.

It's a hard candy to review because it's so iconic. Simply I can say that it's one of the few mass produced chocolates that I regularly eat. Eating so many treats every year I have the opportunity to sample many chocolates, and many hazelnut cream filled treats, yet I still consider the Ferrero Rocher to be great. I'd be lying if I said that this is the best hazelnut cream chocolate that I've ever eaten, but it's always consistent, and it's a great bar to measure others.

The great thing about this chocolate is the ratio. There's just enough cream to fill the centre, and the wafer ball holds everything together very well. The chocolate is tasty, and the amount of nuts is great (both the nut in the centre and the nuts on the outside). My only real complaint, strangely enough is the hazelnut centre, it isn't really strong enough for my liking. With all of these other elements I think the hazelnut cream centre could be a little nuttier and a little more chocolaty. As it stands now I think there might be a little too much sugar.

The Ferrero Rocher is probably one of the best mass-produced chocolates in the world. It's consistent no matter where you buy it, and it's never a disappointment. It could be better, and has even been improved by chocolatiers that make their candy by hand. But I'm pretty sure that no large candy company makes a hazelnut chocolates this well.