Lay's "Feta Flavour"


I'm not too sure if feta flavoured potato chips are something for everybody. After all feta has really strong cheese flavour that some people may not like. In some ways feta and potato chips makes sense as a combination because feta is a really salty cheese. Salty and potato chips really go hand in hand, so adding a salty cheese flavour should work. Feta cheese also works really well with baked potatoes and even French fries, so once again the match seems like a good idea. I would just suggest that you sample some feta cheese before you give these chips a try just to make sure you like the flavour in the first place.

Having said all of that, the feta flavour of these chips is a little weak for my tastes. After the first bite I get a strong feta aftertaste, but after a few more chips I can barely taste it at all. Personally, I think they could up the feta flavour a lot and it would still work really well. Having said that, I love feta cheese and I eat it very regularly (particularly when I was living in Greece).

The feta flavour is actually pretty close to the real thing. The aftertaste I get really reminds of taking a chunk of feta and putting it on a baked potato. It's sharp and salty as a good feta should be. I would say that the feta flavour is closer to a true feta flavour than most cheddar-flavoured chips are to a real cheddar cheese.

These chips really seem to work well, if you like feta cheese than you'll get a kick out of these. If you don't like strong flavoured cheeses, I highly recommend that you stay away from these. Even though the flavour is pretty weak, if you don’t like feta cheese that first aftertaste will really turn you off.