Fig Chocolate

Caffarel FICO

Figs are a strange little fruit. As a kid I loved fig Newton’s, yet the look of a fresh fig repulsed me. I thought it looked like brains or raw meat, so I tended to stay away from them. I eventually got up enough nerve to give a fresh fig a try and now I’m hooked on them. I’m so hooked that I actually bought a fig tree to grow in my house in hopes (I was told it might happen) of getting a fresh fig right off the tree to eat. So, fig treats are becoming a sweet of interest of mine. I also understand that I’m not alone, many candy companies and foodies are starting to find the love for figs and it’s apparently now a “trendy” fruit… Whatever that means.

This little chocolate is a prime example of how this fig trend is really taking off. The problem I’ve heard with the trend is that not that many food manufacturers and chefs understand how to use this yummy treat in their dishes. Unfortunately, this is the case with this particular treat. That’s not to say it taste bad, in fact it’s a really nice high quality chocolate treat.

The problem is the fig flavour is totally lost in the dark rich chocolate flavour. I couldn’t tell you 100% for sure that there where even figs in the centre except for the fact that I think I may have felt fig seeds. The fig flavour was just so overpowered by the chocolate that it was a disappointment. As a chocolate it was fine, but I’m going to have to say as a treat incorporating fig it was a total failure.