Filled Licorice "Concord Grape"


Welch's makes these Filled Licorice’s in two (as of writing this) flavours, strawberry and grape. I decided to review the grape flavour because I figured that this is an area that Welch's is very well known. In case you didn’t know their grape jelly is very well known. Since they're well known for this flavour, they'll probably do it best. I also picked this flavour over the strawberry because it was specific on the types of grapes used, concord.

As far as comparing these Filled Licorice’s with a real concord grape, that's pretty hard, since I can't say for sure if I've ever actually tasted a concord grape. I can say that these do have a very strong synthetic grape flavour. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, I just can't say that these don't taste like any real grapes I've ever eaten in my life. Maybe the Concord grape taste like grape flavouring, maybe this is the grape that everybody basis their synthetic flavour.

As a candy, I don't think that these really fit into the licorice category. Sure, they're chewy and they come in a rope, but they have more of a chewy gummy texture than licorice, and I find it hard to call anything that doesn't taste like generic red or black licorice to be called licorice. I'm sure some of you licorice purists even have a hard time with calling anything except black licorice, "licorice".

So, what I'm saying is this, it's a tasty chewy rope that tastes like a grape soda. The stuff inside doesn't really stand out, but it works fine with the chewy tubes. It's a tasty treat, but it's not licorice.