Ripple Candy

I can't tell you how many times I've been suckered in by a package. The thing is when I'm presented with a variety of treats at a store, often the package is the only information I have available. I saw this package and I was hooked in instantly. First of all, the name implied that I was about to enjoy liquorice filled (with something fun I hope). Secondly the text "fruit flavoured explosion" completely blew my mind, I mean who wouldn't want fruit detonating in their mouth? So, what can other candy companies learn from Fillerish?

If you make a fancy package you might get free advertising with a review on Candy Critic. However, If you make a fancy package and the candy inside sucks, you'll also get a scathing review.

I decided to make a list of all the things I didn't like about this treat. I was doubly ticked off because I saved these for after lunch as a nice snack. So, here's the list:

The watermelon flavour Fillerish spread its horrible scent all over the package and I hate fake watermelon flavour.

They where all greasy and sticky at the same time, this although horrible is actually an amazing scientific feat.

The flavours aren't really that strong at all and it takes a while to figure out which is which if you're not paying attention.

There is no liquorice at all, it's basically just those wire candies but larger and not as tasty.
Almost all of my Fillerish's where deformed and not fun at all.

I felt no explosion.