December 2023



Fisherman’s Friend "Choco Mentho Salted Caramel" Lozenges

Lofthouse of Fleetwood

I’ve been very leery about reviewing Fisherman’s Friends on this site. First of all I feel like reviewing these cough drops is kind of like reviewing medicine, and while I have some grey areas as to what I consider to be candy, I feel like representing a lozenge like this as candy might be irresponsible. After all, I have no idea what the daily dosage is supposed to be for these, and I don’t want to encourage people to overdose, if that’s even possible.

I’ve also always believed that if I were to review Fisherman’s Friends, I would have to be honest about the review. More to the point, I feel like I should review these while I’m sick, and in need of a good lozenge. Fortunately, I am at this very moment fairly sick, and I am in need of a good lozenge. I should mention that the plain Fisherman’s Friends are my go to lozenge. This is because they’re sugar free, and tend to be available wherever I am in the world. They also seem to keep for incredibly long periods of time, so when I live overseas I can stockpile a bit.

I did buy these lozenges a while back, with the intention of reviewing them when I was sick. The reason I felt it was okay to break my first rule (not reviewing a medicine) is that these really seem to try and go for a very candy like flavour. The good thing is that they actually pull it off fairly well. I should mention that the cold I have is not really affecting my sense of taste at this point, so I can really taste the choco, caramel and even the salt in these lozenges. The choco is particularly potent and even has a very strong odour. You might think it’s a little odd to have a strong menthol flavour with the choco, caramel and salt combination, but it’s not that bad. I think the chocolate really ties it all together, as it works with all of these flavours including the minty menthol.

I’m not sure if these are more or less effective than the regular Fisherman’s Friends lozenges, but I can say that they’re a little more interesting than the plain ones. I don’t think I could eat a large amount of these in one sitting, even as I’m dealing with my current cold I tend to go between the choco and my regular Fisherman’s Friends. If you find them, they’re worth a try just for fun, but make sure to consume responsibly if that’s a thing.