Flamitoz "Cheezt Blast"


I must say that this snack deceived me... twice. There are several small signs on this bag of cheese snacks that might make you think that they're going to be really spicy hot. The thing is, these signs are very subtle and hard to notice, unless you read everything on your snacks when you buy them. The unseen sign is that there are two other flavours of these snacks, one barbeque and the other super spicy. If you read the front of the bag under the name it says that these will be "Satisfying Your Burning Desire". The back of the bag says "Let's Flame On". I didn't see these signs when I first bought the package of cheese snacks, but after I did read them the name "Cheezt Blast" made me nervous.

Then I bit into my first lightning shaped cheese snack, and it was not spicy at all. I bit into a few more, nothing. There was a pretty strong fake cheese flavour, but nothing spicy at all. It was some kind of double cross, and strangely I was kind of disappointed. I got through the whole bag without even a slight twinge of heat. In fact, there was a really odd and kind of gross sweetness that filled my mouth about halfway through the bag. The sweet was a little off putting, and didn't really work very well with the fake cheddar cheese flavour.

The highlight of these was actually in the texture and shape. They were a nice crunchy and fairly dense cheese puff. Soft enough to get through easily, but crunchy enough to be satisfying. My favourite feature was actually the shape. Most cheese puff snacks are sort of random looking logs that kind of look like something that the dog left behind in the backyard but now it's kind of dried up. I always thought that this was because of the process it takes to make cheese puffs and that there weren’t any other options. It appears that it's not true, you can have a cheese puff that doesn't look like a dried orange turd.

In general, these were OK, I could have used a little less sweet, and more information on the package, but I can't complain too much because I got to keep my taste buds from being burnt out for another day.