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Flat Pack Chocolate Easter Egg

Bloomsberry & CO.

Taste: 2

Texture: 1

Novelty: 3

All scores out of 5

April 10 2009

By the name of this treat one might think that by opening this package magic will happen. I figured some kind of crazy egg like puzzle, maybe something I could build and impress the ladies. In truth, and after reading the package you’ll learn this too, what you’re getting is a chocolate bar that if you melt it and poor it into a mould you too could have a chocolate egg. So how is this treat different than just buying another chocolate bar and buying a mould?

Pretty much not at all. After reading the instructions so I thought maybe there would be some kind of mould provided, but no. So it’s pretty much just a clever campaign, nothing more nothing less. I’ll give it this, it is clever, it got my mind going, and here I am reviewing it just because of that.

The bar itself is ok. It’s dark chocolate with an ok flavour. It’s not the highest quality chocolate I’ve ever had, but maybe it’s good for melting so that’s why it’s kind of waxy and hard. I’ve eaten a few squares and maybe I’ll melt the rest, the problem is I don’t own an egg shaped mould.