Fla-Ver "Popcorn"

Creative Concepts

I think the name of these candies is a little misleading, I don't think that this should be called "popcorn" flavoured. I think instead they should be called "sweet butter" flavoured candies. There are some things that popcorn offers as a flavour that these lacks, one of them is written right on the package, "salty". I didn’t taste any kind of salty flavour what so ever. I also didn't taste anything corn like either. Considering these are two out of three important elements to popcorn, it just seems like the wrong name.

I don't blame the folks at Creative Concepts for this though; I don't think that “sweet butter” would attract too many people to a candy. That's a shame, because that’s just what these tasted like and they were pretty good. At first the outside coating of these candies has a slight minty flavour; I was worried at this point since popcorn and mint don’t work together. Once I got down to the smooth creamy centre, past the minty exterior, I was pleasantly surprised. There was something sweet and creamy about these candies that you don't often get from sweet treats. This balance of sweet and creamy is perfect, it left my mouth feeling like I just licked a spoon covered in sweet butter (that’s a good thing).

Other than the name of the treat, the only other "flaw" I found in these was with the size of each pellet. They were vastly different sizes, which lead to some evaporating in my mouth in about two minutes, while others lingered for as many as 5 minutes. I'm not sure if these are supposed to be that way, or if this was a manufacturing error or not. The different sizes are OK when you have a mouthful of 10 of them, but it's a little strange if you eat less than 5 at a time.

These candies have the texture and look of mints, similar to Tic Tacs, but there's something a little deeper about the flavour. They also won't freshen your breath like mints. I assume that eating a few of these is better for you than a spoonful of butter with a sprinkling of icing sugar, yet they give you the same flavour in your mouth, so that is a reason to give these a try.

Suck Time: 2 to 5 minutes