I’m not sure what the origins of this chocolate treat might be, but out of any context it’s a little weird. Eating frogs is not something most westerners do, unless you count the French people’s love of frog’s legs, but it’s certainly not very common for most westerners. I don’t have any kids, so I’m not sure if eating frogs is something they like doing either. I do suspect that these Freddo Frogs are the inspiration JK Rowling got for the Chocolate Frogs in Harry Potter. It’s not that I think it’s a bad idea, I just don’t really get it.

As for the treat itself, it’s very good. The quality of the chocolate is very high end, as you would expect from Cadbury. I can’t praise the quality of Dairy Milk made by Cadbury any more. It’s easily one of, if not the best large production milk chocolate in the world. It’s so smooth and the chocolate flavour is perfect. The size of these Freddo Frogs is also nice as it gives you two very satisfying bites. While I would like to eat a whole bag of these, the two bite size doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing anything either.

If I had to complain about these Freddo Frogs, I’d have to say it’s the lack of pizazz. If you’re going to make a chocolate shaped like a frog, maybe add something fun or weird into the mix. A green mint cream filling would be kind of fun. Or if you wanted to go dark, a red cherry ooze would be creepy. It’s not that this chocolate needs any help in the taste and texture department, I just don’t understand the frog angle. If it’s an attempt to make them more fun, I guess it kind of works. It’s just not as fun as it could be. But again, they are super delicious and I’d love to eat many more of them.