Freshen-up "Bubble Gum"


"Squirt gum", that's what I call this stuff. When I was a kid, I used to visit my grandfather in Thorold Ontario. My sister, father and myself would go on these long walks around the city with a bag full of candy. We would get all kinds of great treats to much on, but nothing in the world could make me happier than the moment I bit into one of these and got a squirt of gum guts. It’s an odd sensation for sure, but I think since I was brought up with it, it doesn’t feel odd in any way.

Today, the feeling is still the same. The amazing thing is the fact that no matter how many times I've eaten this gum, its still surprising when I get that squirt of flavour shock. The flavour of this gum is classic, Regular. I'm not sure what flavour regular is supposed to be, but it sure tastes like gum. It'd be strange to find out that this regular flavour came from a natural source. Wouldn't it be odd to bite into an apple-like fruit that tasted like bubble gum?

This treat not only tastes great, and still delivers a punch of squirty goodness, but it also brings me back to walking around Thorold with my dad and sister. This really is a treat that was good then and is still good today.

Chew Time: 11:20