Fries "Zesty Onion Flavor"


So what does this little green bag of crunchy snacks have going for it? It's actually got a whole lot. First of all I love the little cartoon characters on the pack, they're awesome and I've enjoyed making up dialog for each one, creating fun little stories in the french fry box. I assure you I haven't gone crazy, it's actually really fun. But I should probably focus more on the actual snacks and less about the package design, but it'll be hard.

Most importantly these little treats are pretty tasty. First of all, I see lots of little bits of skin on each one of these Fries, which tells me that chances are they're not "made from" real potatoes but in fact are real potatoes. It's not that common to find potato snacks, other than potato chips, that are made with real full pieces of potato. The trend seems to be taking potato powder and forming it into some kind of potato snack. Not only are they made with real potato pieces, they're nice and crunchy too. For some reason I feel like they could have come out soggy, if made by a lesser snack company.

The “Onion Flavour” is not bad either, although I don't know if I'd call it "zesty" because it's more subdued. Not that subdued flavours a bad thing, in fact it really works with these. I'm pretty sure though that subdued wouldn't look good on a package of potato snacks.