January 2024

Frigor "Lait"


This is a very simple square of chocolate, with an amazing pedigree. When someone tells you that you’re about to bite into a fine quality chocolate from Switzerland your expectations are pretty high. Sure this is obviously a slightly mass produced chocolate, but even so expectations are up. Fortunately this chocolate delivers exactly what you’d expect, with a bit of a surprise to boot.

The surprise is the soft hazelnut centre of each of these squares. It’s a surprise because the squares are actually kind of thin, and I feel like most chocolate companies wouldn’t dare to try and fill such a thin square with such a soft filling. The nutty filling is not only present, but the flavour is spectacular and the balance with the chocolate coating is excellent. Even the pattern etched into the top of each square looks great. This is a fine chocolate by its very definition, and I’m so glad I have a box that contains 40 of them.

This is really an example of how to make a simple chocolate. While the idea is not revolutionary, and the flavours are nothing new, the quality of the ingredients and the design is just perfect. With a perfect blend of chocolate and hazelnuts I may not have been surprised, but I was still wowed. I have nothing else to say about this chocolate beyond, if you find it anywhere, buy it and eat it.