March 2023





Fruit Party


The only part of this candy that makes any sense at all is the question marks on the back. I’ll be honest, I bought this candy because it mystified me. My assumption was that it was some kind of stick filled with jellies, a different flavour for each fruit represented. Then I saw the little rectangle at the bottom and wondered what that could possibly hold. The only thing that came to mind was Lik-m-Aid, and maybe this was some kind of tool to better enjoy the jellies. I assumed every single part of this scenario, and for the most part I was completely wrong.

I guess I was sort of right about the little square at the bottom, it did contain a little spoon or paddle, designed to help you eat the rest of this treat. What was inside the small fruit shapes was a total surprise, chocolate and cookie balls. The chocolate seemed to be some kind of white and milk chocolate combination. The cookie was some kind of round cookie ball that sat in the chocolate. The chocolate was not a chocolate spread, but instead it was a low quality regular chocolate. Upon opening it I was totally perplexed, mostly about the lack of anything fruit related. I was so shocked by the chocolate at first that I assumed that my fruit treat had gone bad.

The spoon was fairly useless at scooping out the chocolate in each cup. It kind of pried it out a little bit, but I would have been fine just using my fingers instead. The chocolate might have had a slight fruity flavour, but that could have been more my imagination hoping that it had a fruit flavour. Sometimes people describe chocolate as being slightly fruity, and that’s probably more what I tasted. The cookie was crunchy, and that’s about all I have to say about it.

If someone was to describe this treat to me I probably wouldn’t have bought it. The weirdness of having a chocolate treat in a package and name that feels like it should be a fruit candy makes it a little interesting. I’m frankly left fairly unimpressed with the candy itself, but curious about how others might react to the weird surprise.