F - Asia - Unique

Fruit Tips


Taste: 2

Texture: 3

Novelty: 1

All scores out of 5

Look at that crazy face on the pack. Look at it staring back at me with the "I dare you" attitude. "I dare you to eat this candy." Well eat it I did, and you know what? Nothing. I really didn’t get much out of this. Gummies with a slightly kind of crunchy exterior covered in sugar. I guess if I really thought about it they’re a little tart, but nothing like what I was expecting, and the fruit flavour is pretty sparse. I guess if you had to relate it to another candy I would say wine gums, but a lot less intense and less chewy, something I like a lot about wine gums.

I have to say if you're looking for a fun pack of gummies there are better choices that could be made. If you're looking for wacky faces… You know I think I’ve seen wackier.