Fry's Chocolate Cream


I don't really like this bar; I should point that out because I'm about to write a really positive review for a bar that I don't really care for. The problem with this bar is that it achieves a huge score in texture, but in flavour I'm not a fan. It's also not a really "novel" treat either. I think I'm having an issue with the way people favour flavour as the most important part of a treat, I even do it myself. I've eaten plenty of treats that score low on texture and novelty, but taste great. So now I have a treat that doesn't taste great but has an amazing texture.

The texture of this Fry's Chocolate Cream is smooth, just like a chocolate bar should be. The chocolate holds up nicely, and the cream inside is perfect texture wise. It's very rare that you get a chocolate and cream combination that works so well in the texture department. Most of the time either the chocolate is too waxy or the cream is too solid or too runny. This bar could really set the standard for texture in a cream filled bar.

I know that above I wrote about the low score in flavour, but I should be more specific. The flavour is kind of fruity, but not in a way that I like. In fact, I found that that chocolate flavour was lost to something that tasted like citrus. There was one thing about the flavour that I did enjoy, and that was the after taste, it was nice and chocolaty. It wasn't the worst bar I've ever had in my life, and I think some people might even enjoy the fruity flavour; I'm just not a big fan.