Fry's Turkish Delight


Fry's Turkish Delight was recommended to me after I introduced a British friend to the Big Turk. If you haven't read my review, let me just say, I'm not a fan of the Big Turk at all. I didn't give the Big Turk to my friend because I was mad at him either, I gave it to him to experience something Canadian. His response to the Big Turk, "You should try Fry's Turkish Delight, it's much better". I have to agree, Fry's Turkish Delight is better than a Big Turk, however I can't say that it's "much better".

The part of this bar that sets it above the Big Turk is the quality of the Turkish delight. Where the Big Turk feels like it's filled with strip of gummy, this bar's center feels much more like real Turkish delight. The big difference is in the texture, a gummy texture is either very chewy and or very sticky. Turkish delight is a lot smoother and has more of a jelly feeling instead. The flavour of Fry's Turkish delight is also much more authentic to real Turkish delight as well. The Big Turk just tasted like a gummy, most notably like those Big Foot gummies, this bar has a much more flowery flavour.

This leads me to the problems I had with this bar. Although the flowery flavour was much more authentic, it was way too powerful and hard to place. A subtle rose flavour is very nice in Turkish delight. This bar however tasted like a huge handful of random flowers crammed in my mouth. There was also the issue with the chocolate, there just wasn't enough. The chocolate flavour was completely lost, as was the texture. I think chocolate and Turkish delight would work very well together; I just don't think anybody has done it right as of yet.