The best way to describe the Fudge bar is an Oh Henry! without the nuts and caramel. If you’re not familiar with an Oh Henry, it’s a bar that has a stick of fudge covered in nuts lightly drizzled in caramel with chocolate on the outside. The thing that makes Oh Henry! work is the balance of these ingredients. When you take away some, or most of these ingredients you’re left with something that doesn’t really have the same balance.

Because it's British, and in particular because it’s made by Cadbury, the chocolate is good quality. The problem is that the filling is a little dull. It could probably be improved with a few nuts, maybe a light drizzle of caramel? I sometimes sing the praises of simple candy, and I often talk about how simple candy is actually very complicated. While the quality of the chocolate in this bar fits into that category, the bar itself is just too boring.

My favourite part of this candy is a quote from the package, "Look out for Fudge! He's a bit loony, flying round Cadbury Land firing Fudge bars out of his hosepipe." I have no idea what that means, but it’s fair more entertaining than the bar itself.