Fruit Pie "Apple"


I'm going to imagine that if I told you that I didn't like this dessert, you'd probably say "what did you expect from a Hostess baked good". Although you may not use the word "baked good", you may say “pastry” or something to that effect. The thing is, there are certain Hostess "baked goods" that I really enjoy. I am completely aware that they're not like fancy bakery desserts, or that in many cases the ingredients are mostly preservatives. I'm aware of all of this, but I still like a few of them. This is why it's unusual for me to say that I don't like this Fruit Pie at all.

If I was to go over what I did like it would be fairly simple, I like the fact that it's coated in some kind of sweet sugar crust. I also didn't mind the flavour of the pastry, that's about all I can say about this pastry in a positive light. While the pastry was tasty, it was way too thick. Worst of all was the filling, it was totally awful. There wasn't enough, and it was completely flavourless. I was hoping for something a little bit moist in the center, but it was totally dried out. I was hoping for maybe a taste of cinnamon, but no such luck. I would have even been happy if the apples tasted like apples, but everything in the center was dry and bland.

The concept of this pie is simple, and it should work, but with a really heavy crust, and dry tasteless filling, it's just a total failure.