Lik-m-aid "Fun Dip"


When I was a kid, I remember Fun Dip having one candy paddle and two flavours of powder. Well, it seems the folks at Wonka have realized that their candy is much loved by adults, and so they have added another paddle and another pouch of powder. It seems my prayers do get answered... What do you mean, "it's to share"... ? Well, to review this properly we should look at each flavour individually.

Orange - I thought it would be like dipping my paddle in powdered Tang, but it was more like a cream soda candy.

Red - Cherry is good. I have little more to say about that.

Purple - Not as good as Cherry, but better than Orange. I also don’t really know what flavour it’s supposed to be, maybe grape?

All Mixed - It's like a party in my mouth. While a party can be good sometimes, occasionally you need a break from all the fun, so I recommend only doing this once, maybe at the end of your Lik-m-aid adventure.

So, what's the drawback to this treat? Well, it's hard to put down, and I mean that literally. If you want to take it out of your grasp, you have to lean it against something. I also find it impossible to hold myself back from just eating the powder without the paddle. Not sure why, but I'm sure it's not sane. It also spilled a little when I opened it. I thought I shook it all down to the bottom of the package, but I guess I left a little behind.

All in all, it's a classic treat and it's still great. I only feel sorry for those people around me that have to deal with the sugar buzz I'm about to go through. Maybe I should have shared it with them.