April 2023






Galaxy "Crispy"


The name of this bar is the perfect description. It’s a Galaxy bar, a very smooth milk chocolate that is one of the better mass produced milk chocolate bars. It’s also crispy, since it’s filled with a bunch of tiny rice crisps. I feel like flavour wise this bar is exactly the same as a regular milk chocolate Galaxy bar, and the only change is the texture. Some might see that as boring, but I feel like it’s exactly what was promised.

It’s not to say that you couldn’t screw up a bar like this. Fortunately the Galaxy line of candy bars seems to understand the importance of quality ingredients. As always the chocolate is tasty and really smooth. The rice crisps are also great, and most importantly they seem to keep their crunch. The crisps are also well distributed throughout the bar. Each bite had a nice balance of crisps and no bite had more or less than another. I also like that the crisps are found at the bottom of the bar, and not throughout. Not that I think I would have hated the bar had they been throughout, I just feel like a layer of crispy chocolate on the bottom let the regular chocolate on the top shine a little.

This is yet another example of a simple bar that just works. You could say it was boring, and you wouldn’t really be wrong. I prefer to look at this bar as checking off all the boxes, and delivering a nice quality treat with all of the promises met. Maybe if I wasn’t so jade with crappy candy that doesn’t always deliver what’s promised, I might see this bar as dull, but right now I’m just happy that I ate it.