Galaxy Caramel Collection "Salted Caramel"


The Galaxy line of chocolate bars is quickly turning into one of my favourite mass-produced chocolate bar brands in the world. The addition of this new salted caramel bar keeps their reputation on the upswing. As with all Galaxy chocolate bars the milk chocolate is smooth and creamy. The ratio of chocolate to caramel is also perfect; each cube gives you a great blend of the two ingredients.

The salt is an interesting addition, it's unlike most salted caramel chocolates I've had in the past. Most of the time a chocolatier will sprinkle rock salt on top of caramel filled chocolates to give the salted caramel flavour. In the case of this Galaxy bar they've blended the salt into the caramel instead. This creates a very different taste and texture experience. First of all, you don't get any salt flavour when you first put a square in your mouth, you have to wait till you bite down. Secondly you don't get the slight crunch from the salt because it's been dissolved into the caramel.

One of the interesting things about the way the salt has been added to this bar is the way the bar changes based on how you eat it. If you bite into the bar your mouth is instantly filled with the salty caramel. However, if you suck on the cube, you don't get that salty flavour until you break through to the caramel. Because your mouth is already filled with sweet chocolate, the intensity of the salt in the caramel when you suck on it is cut back and the salt flavour is harder to taste.