April 2023




Galaxy "Smooth Milk"


The word “Smooth” being used in this bar is very appropriate. There really isn’t one part of the design of this treat that isn’t smooth. I assume that the milk part of the description is to emphasize the fact that the bar is their milk chocolate variety. As far as the flavour goes it’s a pretty good milk chocolate bar. I don’t think I’d call it the best milk chocolate bar I’ve ever tasted, and likely not the milkiest, but I would easily rank it among the better mass produced milk chocolate bars I’ve tasted.

While the flavour is good, the smoothness of every aspect of this bar is pretty exceptional. Even the shape of square that you break the bar into are smooth looking. Instead of just breaking into simple squares or rectangles, each square of this bar is some kind of aerodynamic rectangle. They look like they’d been tested in a wind tunnel with their sleek design. I will say that they didn’t break as easily as regular chocolate squares, but they looked pretty cool. Fortunately the shape of the bar wasn’t the only thing smooth about it, the texture was very smooth as well.

It felt like each square of chocolate would just melt in my mouth instantaneously. One trait I look for with smooth milk chocolate is that I like when it melts just ever so slightly when I touch it. If the chocolate leaves a slight film on my fingers while I’m eating it then I’m happy. This bar did that perfectly, and when I ate it it melted just right. While I think I’ve tasted better chocolate, and I know I’ve tasted chocolate that is more milky, I don’t think I’ve ever had such an all around smooth chocolate bar before.

This bar proves that milk chocolate is not all the same. There are certainly features you can change to make a milk chocolate bar very unique and in this case very smooth. This bar does come with more ingredients if you like, but I feel like it’s really not that necessary as this milk chocolate is a joy to eat.