April 2023






Galaxy "Smooth White"


I always try to defend white chocolate, but this bar isn’t making my life any easier. By all accounts this bar should be great, it should be one of the best examples white chocolate available. Galaxy chocolate bars are some of the best mass produced chocolate bars in the world, and one of the things that makes their milk chocolate great is how smooth it is. I felt that the milk chocolate version of this bar needed a little more cocoa and maybe a stronger flavour, so you would think that if you had the expectation of no cocoa it might work out better. The problem might be with me, but I really didn’t like this bar.

Maybe I just don’t actually like real white chocolate. Maybe my arguments over the years that there are some white chocolate bars out there that can be made well is wrong, and maybe my theory that the key to finding good white chocolate is to look for brands making high quality milk chocolate and explore their white chocolate equivalents. While Galaxy isn’t extremely high quality chocolate, it is pretty high for mass produced chocolate bars. After eating this bar I was left with that almost chemical flavour that I normally get with white chocolates that I don’t really like. It also left a strange aftertaste and worst of all a weird film covered my mouth. I’m thinking that regular milk chocolate probably leaves a similar film, but when you’re not really into the flavour it’s more noticeable.

I think what I look for in white chocolate is smoothness and a very creamy flavour. This bar, and a few that I’ve not been a fan of in the past have a vanilla flavour, but not a good one. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t like this bar, but I think I learned a few things about my white chocolate preferences today. I’m also wondering if I should dig into white chocolate a little bit more in the future, find out if there are cheap white chocolates that work, and really find out what it is that I don’t like about some of them.

I guess if you really like white chocolate, you might enjoy this bar. If your on the fence, or maybe trying to find out if you like white chocolate, you might not be as big a fan.