While some people might think that being the Candy Critic is exciting, it can also be fairly average as well. I got up this morning thinking I would have a regular day, do regular things and eat regular candy. While I thought this day was going to be uneventful, well I was wrong. Everything changed once I bit into the Galaxy bar.

This chocolate bar puts the "S" in smooth. That’s not really a great analogy (particularly since the real smooth part of the word “smooth” is the two “o”s), but man is this smooth. It melts so perfectly in your mouth that it almost feels like it does all the work of eating for you. And creamy? You bet. This has to be one of the creamiest chocolate bars I have ever eaten in my entire life. While many people look at milk chocolate as common place, some companies make a milk chocolate bar that is so above average that it’s almost scary.

If you want simple chocolate made very well, this is your bar. For taste and texture, you can't get any better even though it's not the most original bar in the world. Just because it’s just a milk chocolate bar, doesn’t mean that this bar is simple. This is a bar worth getting, and this is likely a bar that I will be getting again.