Galaxy "Caramel"


A great blend of chocolate and caramel. It’s important to note that although these two ingredients are simple, there are many factors that can make or break a bar like this. First of all you have to look at the ratio of chocolate to caramel. If you have too much caramel the bar can be sickly sweet. If you have too much chocolate, the caramel flavour can be lost entirely. A perfect blend like this allows you to enjoy both the chocolate and the caramel at every bite.

I particularly like the fact that is comes as two sticks, it's an original idea and easy to share. As you’ll read below, that’s exactly what I did. As usual the chocolate is high quality, because it's a Galaxy Bar made in the UK (Ireland in particular). You just have to read any of our other reviews of Galaxy Bars to know that being from the UK is almost certainly going to be a great bar.

It’s really hard to tell you anything about this bar other than to go out and get one. You also might want to share it with a friend, because karma is a good thing.

And here is a little added review from my friend Christina (with whom I shared this bar):

I have to say that this bar is a wonderful delight. It's perfect for women because it is already split in half. Now I know your thinking, forget that, I can't just eat half a chocolate bar. Trust me, you can with this one because it is very sweet and satisfying for our female expert chocolate palates. Now normally I would eat the whole freakin’ thing guilt free but this one, I ate half and was perfectly happy and could put the other half away for later. Now how often can you say that! It's a perfect chocolate bar!