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Galler Pure Cocoa "Praline Aux Noix"


Taste: 5

Texture: 4

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

You can't always tell by a pacakge but often if you see a chocoalte bar with a really slick simple design you know you'r probably in for some pretty high quality chocoalte. The only other sign is the price, if you spend an arm and a leg buying a bar you'd better hope it's pretty good. This package could not get any simpler unless they just handed you a pure black lable. If any candy company thinks they have the best chocolate bar ever, I challenge them to do just that.

This bar does in fact deliver, it delievers on taste and texture as you would expect a treat with a little orange square and a plain green top. The wrapper is simple and so is the taste, the fine dark chocolate mixes just well with the praline whipped centre and the nut ratio is just nice. Although bigger pieces of nuts may have improved it a little, but I wouldn't know for sure unless I tried it.

The only place this bar really falls short is origionality, but as I've said before if you're not going to be origional you better be really good at what you do. These guys are really good at what they do and it shows, both in the bar and on the wrapper.