Nougat "Bombom de Chocolate"


I'm thinking that "nougat" has a different meaning in Brazil (where this candy is made) than it does in other parts of the world. When I think of nougat, I think of a creamy toffee that you often find in a candy bar like Snickers or 3 Musketeers. In some cases, if you find the good stuff, nougat can be a little denser and great on its own. Apparently in Brazil it means... well... it means there’s nothing in it at all; just chocolate. As far as I can tell there’s absolutely no nougat in this candy at all. It could be that it’s some kind of manufactures defect, but I don’t think so.

I can't totally complain about this treat as the chocolate was smooth and it had a slight hazelnut flavor. Strangely enough, it actually smelled more like hazelnuts than it tasted. The good thing is that hazelnut and chocolate are one of my favourite flavour combinations, so I didn't mind this treat at all. These Nougat Bombom de Chocolate were simple and the quality of the chocolate and hazelnut flavour wasn't bad at all.

I can't say this was an original chocolate treat by any stretch of the imagination, but it was good. I’m still not really sure how nougat is involved, or what it means in Brazil. While I’m disappointed that this treat didn’t deliver what it said it would deliver, I’m not disappointed with what I ate.