From what I understand, this chocolate is based off of a larger bar, however since this is the only way I've ever tried it, we can just imagine that the larger format does not exist for the sake of this review. Even if it does exist, I must say that the size of this particular snack and the ratio of the ingredients, in this format is really great. It's a nice mouthful of sweet chocolate, with some kind of chocolate filling.

The chocolate filling did however leave me with a bit of a mystery. It seemed to have a bit of a nutty flavour, but so subtle it was hard to decipher exactly what kind of nut it might be. It tasted a little bit like peanut, but it might also have been a very faint hazel nut. Stranger still is the texture of this chocolate center. It was a little creamier than the chocolate on the outside, and it had mysterious crispy bits floating throughout. It was almost as if it had tiny microscopic wafer bits broken up inside it.

Although the texture of the filling was mysterious, it didn't take away from the treat at all. In fact, it's what really set it apart from other small one bite chocolate treats I've eaten in the past. Who knows, maybe I’ll seek out the full sized version and give it a try.