Giant Chewy Nerds


When I first saw these Nerds, I thought to myself, what does “giant” and more so, what does “chewy” have to do with Nerds. Nerds are in my mind small little crunchy candies. Adding giant and chewy additions to the candy pretty much makes no sense at all. Why would you want it, and more importantly if you did it would it still be Nerds?

The best way to describe these little beans is like a jellybean with a rough Nerd flavoured exterior. The flavour is pretty close to Nerds; in fact, I would say that it's dead on. I assume that the rough texture is supposed to act like the outside of a Nerd, which I guess is bumpy, but I always looked at it more like clusters. Maybe if they made these Jellybeans clustered instead of bumpy, I would buy the Nerds reference a little more.

These Giant Chewy Nerds are not bad and it's kind of surprising because I always complain about variations in treats, but this one brings up a new problem. This treat is labelled as a variation, but other than the Nerds flavour it's something pretty new and different. The Nerds name just makes it a little less creative. My only other complaint is that since it's Nerds it would have been better if they separated the different flavour like they do with regular Nerds. I say this because of tradition, but also because the green ones are watermelon and kind of gross so having the ability to avoid them would be fantastic.