Milk Chocolate Fingers "Gingerbread"

Mister Choc

Ginger is a very fickle flavour, even when it takes the form of gingerbread. Ginger is a flavour that can overwhelm anything it's mixed with, particularly chocolate. When you make a treat with a ginger flavour you have to make a choice. Do you want this to be a ginger flavoured treat, or a treat with a slight ginger flavour. If you want a ginger flavoured treat there's a little less to worry about, although too much ginger can burn. A treat with a slight ginger flavour on the other hand is very difficult indeed.

This bar manages to have a gingerbread flavour, without it over powering. First of all, the fact that it's gingerbread and not straight ginger cuts back on the strength a little, but the main advantage is the fact that there's only a small amount of gingerbread in this bar. Sure, gingerbread tastes great covered in chocolate, but then you have to be worried about how strong a ginger flavour your gingerbread has, too strong and the ginger flavour will dominate. This bar does a really great job of keeping the ginger in gingerbread, but also keeping the chocolate flavour intact. It was a perfect blend, flavour wise.

The problem with this bar is the texture. The chocolate is nice and smooth, but the gingerbread is just a bunch of random little chunks. The pieces of gingerbread are not big enough to improve the bar, but big enough to be noticed. I can't really describe them as anything except uncomfortable. They're not horrible, just not quite right. I think this bar would have worked better texture wise if the cookie was a solid layer instead of little bits, although that probably would have ruined the flavour.