June 2022



Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels

Devon’s Chocolates

I feel like the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie is probably one of the most versatile cookies on the market. I feel like it’s a flavour and texture combination that’s simple to recreate in other forms, but if done well is totally perfect. I should mention that I feel that the original cookies are good. In fact I would go out on a limb and say that it’s one of the best packaged cookies ever. Here’s a fun fact, there hard to find outside of America. We don’t have Girl Scouts in Canada and the equivalent group, the Girl Guides, sell very different styles of cookies (note that the Girl Guide cookies are also really good too).

The thing about the Thin Mint cookie is that it’s both very simple and very complex. It’s simple because it’s basically just a crunchy chocolate cookie with mint and chocolate. It’s complicated because the mint to chocolate ratio is very good, and the cookie has a really great crunch. The simplicity of this cookie means that you can transfer it easily to other mediums, the complex balance means that it doesn’t always work as well as the cookie. These pretzels however are the perfect example of it working really well. I might even go so far as to say that these pretzels might be equal or even better than the original cookie.

In basic terms you have a very similar treat, it’s a small bite sized crunchy snack, covered in a mint chocolate coating. The difference is that the crunchy snack has a bit more snap to it, and a little bit more salt. I’m a sucker for the salty sweet combination and the balance of this with the minty flavour just works really well. I bought this bag of Thin Mint Pretzels at Costco, something I consider to be a very dangerous move. It’s dangerous because all things at Costco come in huge packages and if you don’t love something you buy at Costco, you’ll get sick of it fairly quickly.

I did not get sick of these Thin Mint pretzels. I feel like the salty sweet combination makes for a snack that works on different levels each time you eat them. If you want something sweet you’ve got the chocolate, if you want something salty you’ve got the pretzel. If you’re not sure, they also blend together really well. You also get a nice hint of mint just to make it a little bit unique.